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Fashion Myth #3 “Do not mix patterns”

Similar to the fear of colours, many people fear combining patterns as well and thus, the “fake” rule of only wearing one pattern at a time has been ingrained in our minds.

patterns 500x312 Fashion Myth #3 Do not mix patterns

Men in Patterned outfit
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Mixing patterns can be a very sophisticated and fashion-forward look (only if you have the know-how to pull it off). Here are six advices to help you begin with:

1. Mix patterns from the same colour family

Using hues from one main colour when mixing patterns can create a very subtle look.

2. Think of some patterns/textures as solid

Some patterns are small enough and understated that the eye can view them as a solid, even though they are really not.

3. Look for patterns that complement each other

4. Do not go out head-to-toe in one pattern

5. Space out the patterns

There is no need to wear a patterned shirt with a patterned tie or jacket.

6. Combine patterns of different densities / sizes